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Victoria is also a practitioner of a rare, non-invasive hands-on therapy - The King Institute Method (TKM)

About Victoria

Victoria has a vast knowledge of physical therapy. She has worked with many businesses and health companies in order to gain experience and hone her massage skills.

Victoria has done traditional massage therapy, Chinese massage therapy and is currently practicing in an alternative medicine and therapy facility.


  • Neurology, internal, traumatology, intensive care, surgery and orthopedic wards in General Hospital in Tbilisi
  • Hospice and nursing home “Caritas”, where she worked with patients with chronic illness and geriatric diseases
  • Department of motion diseases – orthopedic problems in Community Health Resort “Zdroj” in Tbilisi
  • Department of mobility problems – rheumatic disorders in Children’s Health Resort “Malgosia”
  • Department for the elderly in “Caritas” hospice and nursing home